Some idioms with ‘hand’

A big hand for = please welcome e.g. A big hand for John and his band.
All hands on deck! (originally used on ships)=everybody must help e.g. All hands on deck! We need to clean this mess.
Lend a hand = help e.g. Let’s lend our neighbours a hand in moving.
Hands off! = Don’t touch; leave alone. e.g. Hands off! That’s my bag.
Hands up!= to ask members of a group to agree to something. e.g. Hands up if you want to go swimming.
On the one hand..but on the other = Used to contrast two ideas e.g. On the one hand, it’s a very economical car, but on the other, it was expensive to buy.
Out of hand = Out of control e.g. The party is getting out of hand.
To have the upper hand = have the advantage e.g. As far as the competition goes, I believe our team has the upper hand.
Win hands down = defeat effortlessly e.g. We won the competition hands down.
Second hand = not new e.g. That shop sells second hand books.
In the hands of = in the possession of e.g. My passport is in the hands of the Immigration Authorities.
Hand over = pass on e.g. I’m handing over my responsibilities to the new manager.
In good hands = well cared for e.g. The dog that was run over is in good hands now.
Have one’s hands full = to be busy e.g. I won’t be able to go out this Friday as I have my hands full.
By hand = manually e.g. They picked the fruit by hand.
Have one’s hands tied = restricted by regulations e.g. I’m afraid I can’t do anything about it. My hands are tied.
Work hand in hand with= work closely with e.g. We work hand in hand with our branches.
Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing = lack of communication between two parts of the same organization
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