BETT - Fantastic Exhibition about Education and Technology

BETT - Fantastic Exhibition about Education and Technology

BETT is the biggest exhibition about education and technology in the UK and one of the top exhibitions worldwide. Fortunately, last week I had the pleasure to attend. This exhibition took place from the 12th to the 15th of January at Olympia exhibition centre in London.

It was a very good opportunity to get a flavour of the latest technologies used in education. BETT had more than 600 exhibitors among which there were famous name such as: Dell, Casio, Microsoft, Adobe, Pearson and Cambridge Education. There were also companies not as well known but that offered equally truly attractive products.

There was a product at the exhibition that was clearly dominant: interactive screens, either handled by a controller connected to a computer or touch screens that you could control with your fingers. There were also 3D TVs especially designed for educational purposes.

But at BETT, there was also a place for other products like pieces of furniture especially designed for the classroom, touch screens designed for people with special needs, teleconference services and many other things that you should see for yourself if you get the chance to visit this wonderful exhibition next year.

What especially got my attention was an “intelligent” robot that was just at the entrance and with which you could keep a real conversation going in English:

Speaking Robot

I also liked the Lego Education stand. I was lucky enough to see a couple of demonstrations of some Lego structures that you could build and later provide with some movement using very simple and intuitive software:

Lego Structure

Ah! It was also a great opportunity to network and connect with several companies that offer products as interesting as a virtual world for learning English or a very complete English learning system for children. More details will be revealed during this year.

You can see more pictures about BETT exhibition on our Facebook page.
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