Writing Exercises for Advanced ESL Students

Advanced ESL students may be exposed to a wide variety of real-world reading materials in English. This gives them access to more topics to write about. In addition, students are prepared to present practice and to justify their opinions about what they read. They are also able to describe the evidence and facts to support their ideas in writing. These skills are important in a wide range of activities, including essay writing and academic writing letters of complaint or opinion to companies or politicians.

IELTS Writing

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English test that is standard around the world to perfectly determine the capabilities of test takers' English language. You can download a range of exercises and writing materials planned to help students practice the test. However, the skills tested include organizing logic testing, evaluation and description of graphs, and give and justify opinions. Two writing tasks are tested in academic writing and general sections of IELTS. Choose a theme most relevant to the needs of your students to help them learn to organize their thoughts and communicate effectively in English.

Breaking News English

Download one of thousands of new topics and related activities on the ESL site Breaking News Section. The topics are arranged by month. Read the topic title to find the one you think your students would enjoy. These resources are freely available. At the end of each packet of activity, with a section of writing exercises offer students many ways to practice their writing. They can write a magazine article, write a letter to a politician or a number of other creative writing exercises related to the topic of news.
Persuasive Essays

After reading about how to write a persuasive essay on the ESL website Bee, ask your students to write their own five-paragraph persuasive essay on a topic of their choice. Ask students to put their first-class projects, work in pairs to correct each other documents, focusing first on the organization and flow, then the sentence structure and word choice. Students then revise their essays and rewrite their papers.

Stories Magazine Group

Put your students into small groups. Give each group a folder with a collection of magazine pictures inside. Students then take a few pictures they like and want to write a story. Each student contributes to the story with his own ideas. Students write the story, revise it and present it to the class when they are done.
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