Academic Writing - Task 1 (Model answer)

The flow chart shows the recycling process of aluminium cans

The diagram shows the stages that are required to transform used aluminium cans back to re-usable ones.

Having consumed their drinks, individuals are able to dispose their cans in one of the re-cycling bins that are located around towns and cities. These are then collected by the re-cycling company and transported to a factory where they are cleaned and sorted. Next they are shred into small pieces and compressed into blocks to reduce their size. These blocks are heated and rolled into sheets with a thickness of between 2.5 and 6mm. Soft drink manufacturers buy these sheets to make new cans. In the United Kingdom 74% of the cans used are recycled.

To conclude, a large percentage of aluminium cans are re-used with the help of individuals and factories who then provide aluminium sheets to fizzy drink companies to design the cans for consumption again.
Question taken from Vocabulary for IELTS p.81
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