Model Answer - Academic Writing (Task 1)

The chart shows the division of household tasks by gender in Great Britain.

The bar chart shows how many minutes men and women spend on household tasks in Great Britain.

The task that takes the longest to perform, in fact more than 1 hour is cooking, baking and washing up. This is done by women while men spend half as much time doing this per day. In addition, women spend more time than men cleaning and tidying the house (almost an hour) and looking after the children and playing with them (three quarters of an hour). Men spend a little more than 10 minutes doing the former and 20 minutes with the children. Men spend almost no time washing, ironing and sewing clothes whereas women spend about 25 minutes doing this.

Men take care of the garden and pets the most, spending about 50 minutes per day on this duty while women only allocate 20 minutes of their day doing this. Similarly men spend more time performing maintenance duties and odd jobs (25 minutes a day) and women less than half of this time.

Overall, there is no domestic gender equality with woman spending more time doing household tasks in all categories except for gardening, pet care, maintenance and odd jobs.
Question taken from Cambridge Instant IELTS p.79
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