Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

The world is consuming natural resources faster than they can be renewed. Therefore, it is important that products are made to last. Governments should discourage people from constantly buying up-to-date or fashionable products. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Environmental problems are a priority for many governments today. Human activity and waste are largely responsible for the environment’s poor state. With the rise of consumerism, consumers are quick to throw away old models in favour of updated products adding to waste.

In the interests of marketing and making a profit, large companies often delay putting new products onto the market. They wait until the old product has reached its greatest selling point and then they introduce new features. This is especially true for electronic products. Even though people neglect their old products, making products that last longer means that innovation, development and technology is not encourages and this may prevent growth for a country.

In the past, products were valued more and a family often purchased an item to last for a lifetime, for example, a television or a radio. If a product broke it was repaired rather than thrown again. This is because people did not have so much money to spend and they did not have the choices that are available today. In addition, manufacturers produced strong models without trying to save on costs like they do today.

It is very difficult for the government to change people’s spending habits and their desire to have the latest products even though this would be an environmental benefit. What it can do however is encourage consumers to recycle their used items and provide incentives to manufacturers to use parts from old products rather than waste resources to build items from scratch.
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