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How are you getting on with the irregular verbs in English? "See, saw, seen | read, read, read" etc. They are difficult, aren’t they? Along with the phrasal verbs and the prepositions they make up the "enigmatic trio".

We present you today a Web page that can help deal with them. It’s "Verbbusters", an online resource with a simple operation that will allow you to work with more than 170 irregular verbs in English.

Once on the website you’ll soon be practising the verbs. How? Just follow the following four steps:
  1. Input your name (there is no need to register) or continue as a guest.
  2. Choose the language (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese or Turkish) in which you want the verb to display (the verb will be shown in the infinitive).
  3. Select the level of difficulty (Beginner, Easy, Medium, Difficult, Advanced, and Special).
  4. Press the corresponding button to begin the exercise.
The exercise for practising the irregular verbs consists of a round where you are asked for 10 irregular verbs (at random) and you fill in the present, past and past participle form of the verb. For each correct answer – and depending on your speed to answer – you get points. After finishing the round of 10 verbs, you get the final score. There is a performance report at the end of each round as well.

We have to admit that the mix between activity, time and getting the highest number of points is pretty addictive and you usually “play” again, so you’ll be learning by heart the past and past participle forms of these irregular verbs.

Verbbusters also offers a complete reference list with 177 irregular verbs in English (to the moment), including its pronunciation, infinitive, past and past participle forms.

More questions?

Have a look at this explanatory video (in English) that gives you a guided tour through Verbbusters and shows you how to carry out the activity.


There is also a new version of, try it!
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  1. There is a performance report at the end of each round as well so we should must have platform like this.
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