TED - Great Online Subtitled Talks


Do you remember TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)? TED is a website that offers hundreds of videos about very interesting topics from important people in the society (more information in this post).

And why are we talking again about TED? Because it has included translations in the videos that are really helpful in the process of learning English.

I’ve seen some of the videos that have been recently added and the majority has the English language available as subtitles; therefore you’ll be able to see written what the speaker is saying. Moreover, there are many other videos that have the subtitles translated to other languages so you might be able to find your native language! :)

TED subtitled

Have a look at the following links for more information:

TED’s website

Web page with information about the translations project

Web page with all the languages that have some translation available

Seen in Teaching and Learning Spanish
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Grammar Girl - Learn Grammar and More

Grammar Girl

Would you like to improve your knowledge of English grammar? You might think that studying grammar is boring but it’s very necessary because it establishes the rules of the language. Therefore we are looking for a positive answer to the previous question! :)

Today we would like to introduce you to a teacher that teaches English grammar on the Internet; she’s known as “Grammar Girl” but her real name is Mignon Fogarty.

In Grammar Girl’s website you’ll find more than 100 episodes that cover many aspects of English grammar: Proofreading Tips, Subjunctive Verbs, Between Versus Among, and many other truly interesting episodes. All are easy to understand and have a clear structure.

Every episode contains the complete transcription as well as the podcast that you can listen to online or download to your computer. They are also organized into different categories so you can have a look at the ones that most interest you: General Grammar, Word Choice, Style, Punctuation and Humor.

There is no doubt that Grammar Girl is a must-visit Web page if you want to increase your comprehension of English Grammar.

Link | Grammar Girl
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DOGONews - News for children


Do you want your children to keep informed and know what is going on in the World? Are you afraid if they go to a newspaper website and they see news that might not be suitable for their age?

No problem; DOGONews is the digital newspaper for children therefore all the news that is published is in accordance with their age. DOGONews is a Web page with a very attractive and intuitive design so it makes browsing easier for the kids. Moreover, the content of the website is in English so the kids will be practising the language while reading the news interesting for them.

The news is grouped in different categories: Science, Sports, Social Studies, Did you know, Green, General, Entertainment, International, Amazing, Fun and Video. It is also possible to give your opinion about the news and read the most-liked articles.

Even more, in DOGONews you’ll also find a section (Sites) with hundreds of links to Web pages with more material in English for children and another section (Earth) that is a 3D animation of the World where you are shown different news and events as well as the location in the world where the news has taken place. It’s truly amazing and worth seeing.

Link | DOGONews
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Comicsworld - Comic Books


If you like comics, the website that we introduce to you today will surely delight you. The name of this Web page (in blog format) is very descriptive: “Comicsworld”; it’s just that, the World of the Comics.

With more than 35,000 books and series there is no doubt that we’re talking about an impressive collection.

The books and the series are sorted alphabetically and you’ll find anything that you can imagine and more: 300, Action Comics, Asterix, Barbie, The Beast, Captain Universe, Casanova, Dear or Alive, Terminator, Devil may cry, Doom, Elektra, Hellboy, Heroes, Hitman, Marvel Comics, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Spiderman, Star Wars, Tomb Raider, Transformers, Venom and a very long etcetera.

If you want to read really good quality comics in English that you can download to your computer then this is without doubt an ideal Web page.

Learn English while you have huge fun, visit Comicsworld

More comics in the following post: Gocomics
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IdiotVox - Podcast Directory


Are you interested in podcasts about African music, the environment or wine? Don’t know where to find them? What if you were to look into a podcast directory?

Today we want to introduce you to a podcast directory that offers thousands of podcasts and videocasts, as well as rankings and reviews about them.

In IdiotVox you’ll be able to find podcasts in English about practically any topic that you can imagine. Apart from the ones already mentioned in the introduction of the post, you’ll also find podcasts about agriculture, animals, anime /manga, art, Asia and more than 50 other subjects that are sorted alphabetically.

If you don’t have time to dig into every category, you can visit the lists that contain the best podcasts (by user votes) and then listen to those with better quality content.

The truth is that the amount of categories is impressive and you’ll surely find some podcast that you like and that you’ll be able to listen to several times and by doing this improve your comprehension, as well as your pronunciation in English.

Visit IdiotVox
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