Gocomics - comics in English


Question-all-student: I don’t even like reading in my own language, so don’t even mention reading in English!
Know-all-teacher: But, there should be something that you like reading, isn’t there? Any genre like Science-Fiction, drama, horror, mystery…?
Question-all-student: No, too much text. I like seeing some images and I also like the humor and having a laugh.
Know-all-teacher: Aha, then you must like comics! What about “Mortadelo y Filemón” or “Super López” (very famous Spanish comics)?
Question-all-student: I like reading them, but I would remind you that they are in Spanish, not in English.
Know-all-teacher: Learn English Online; please tell me that you have a Web page with funny comics in English.

Yes, Know-all-teacher, a short time ago I discovered a website that might come in very handy. It’s Gocomics, an online resource with hundreds of entertaining comics in English, from which you can motivate that Question-all-student.

There are some reasons why I love Gocomics: the comic strips are free, there is a great variety (it’s possible to look for something by title or editorial), the stories are really funny and with the comments in each comic strip you’ll know the opinions of other people and can take part into the conversation.

An example of a comic strip that you’ll be able to find is:


Link | Gocomics.com
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An Ungrateful Son

I read some news in the BBC that I’ve found very curious. It’s about an 18-year-old guy who has painted something that he surely considered very funny on the roof of his parents’ house.

Would you like to see what is it?

The news is:

Ungrateful Son

An 18-year-old has secretly painted a 60ft drawing of a phallus on the roof of his parents' £1million mansion in Berkshire. It was there for a year before his parents found out. They say he'll have to scrub it off when he gets back from travelling.

Interesting vocabulary:

Phallus = polite way for naming the penis
Find out = find / discover / come upon
Scrub off = to remove (dirt or stains) by hard rubbing

A hard task is awaiting the young guy ….

Link | News in the BBC
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Bab.la - A Good Online Dictionary


Would you like to quickly translate an English Word but don’t have your dictionary to hand? Well, don’t worry about that because if you are connected to the Internet you can always use an online dictionary.

Today we’d like to introduce you to a new online dictionary (although it also offers other interesting resources) that you’ll be able to add to our complete list.

The name of this online dictionary is bab.la. They say that they love languages and there are strong arguments to confirm it. Among the online resources offered in this website we would highlight:
  • Dictionary: it contains a large number of dictionaries like for example English-Chinese, English-German, English-Japanese, English-Portuguese, English-Russian, English-French, English-Italian, English-Polish, English-Romanian, English-Turkish and English-Spanish. When we look for a word it appears with its direct translation (and the pronunciation that you can listen to) and it also gives you similar terms, sample sentences (in English) and related entries in the forum. Bab.la insists on the collaboration of the user and allows you to rate the translations and sample sentences, contributing to creating a better dictionary.
  • Vocabulary: tens of categories to learn new vocabulary (Job, School & University, Travelling, Self-study course, Fun & Hobbies and Official exams like the TOEFL or SATs). You have to register in order to do the Vocabulary lessons, registration being free for the basic version.
  • Test & Train: hundreds of tests to practice and improve your English. These tests are sorted by categories and there are some really useful ones. After finishing the test it is possible to see your score as well as the answers and by thus you can learn from your mistakes, assuming you have made any!
  • Forum: a forum where you can raise your questions and help other members of the bab.la community.
In short a very attractive online resource with a great quantity of free material to learn English.

Visit bab.la
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Babbel - Vocabulary and more!


Do you remember Babbel? No? Babbel is an excellent online resource to learn new vocabulary with an attractive and very easy-to-use interface.

The first time we mentioned Babbel it had 62 vocabulary modules, now it has 79 modules to learn new vocabulary in English by using a methodology that really helps in the absorption of new words.

However this is not what we wanted to talked about, but the fact that Babbel has added new services and features that will help you in your learning of English. The most interesting are:
  • Ten-minute tutorials: very enjoyable and quick and from which you can learn and practice grammatical rules for much or many, if-clauses, quick or quickly, among others.
  • Writing exercises: a total of 27 writing exercises. You’ll be able to write about different topics and use a big variety of vocabulary in English. What you write will be later corrected by your friend in Babbel or some person in the community.
  • Chat: chat in English with other users of the Babbel community.
Good stuff, Babbel.

Link | Babbel.com
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50+ Blogs and Websites to Read in English

Blogs and Websites to read in English

Would you like to read material in English but can’t find any page or blog whose topic you fancy?

We want to help you, hence in the Learn English Online blog we have compiled a list of blogs and Web pages in English about various topics. We hope that you find some that will be to your liking, happy reading!

Varied and interesting subjects
Boing Boing

Do you like Gadgets?
Gadget Lab

Web Development
Smashing Magazine
Web Designer Wall

Internet and technological trends
O'Reilly Radar

Apple World
Mac Rumors

Celebrity Gossip
Perez Hilton
The Superficial
Just Jared
Celebrity Baby Blog

Blogger tips and how to make Money online
John Chow
Daily Blog Tips

Science and Environment
Wired Science

Consoles and Games
Game | Life

Cars and everything related to the Auto Industry

Consumer tips
The Consumerist
Going Green

SB Nation
Sportblog | Sport | guardian.co.uk

Cooking Recipes
simtten kitchen
Cookie Madness
Technicolor Kitchen
Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
Inn Cuisine
The Perfect Pantry
Joy the Baker

Tips for improving your life
Zen Habits
Self Improvement for daily Life
Jonathan Fields

Movies and cinema
MTV Movies Blog

Investing ideas
Seeking Alpha

List of US online Newspapers
VOA News

And now that I’ve found something that I like reading, what should I do? Well, you can have a look at this learning guide about how to improve your English by reading texts in the language.

Go on and take part! Write a comment with a website or blog in English that you find interesting and you feel like sharing.
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Curriculumbits - Teaching Resources You Can’t Miss


Know-all-teacher: I’m looking for some Websites with educational material in English for teachers. Do you know any Learn English Online (LEO)?
LEO: Ummm, I think that I’ve already mentioned some to you like Ziggity Zoom, Visual Dictionary Online or Cambridge English Online.
Know-all-teacher: Yes, I remember that. But I’m looking for an online resource with material for various subjects like Design, English, Geography or Mathematics.
LEO: In this case I believe that I have something that you’ll find useful.
Know-all-teacher: I’m listening…

Curriculumbits is the Web page that can help know-all-teacher and any other teacher who is looking for inspiration for their classes. This online resource offers a great quantity of totally free interactive multimedia material.

Its online library contains games, quizzes, animations and videos in a variety of subjects that include Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Geography, German, Physics, Mathematics or Physical Education to mention some.

There is no need for registration and all the games, videos and animations are available to access online.

It is truly an online resource that deserves a visit.

Link | Curriculumbits.com
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SharedTalk - Find the Perfect Partner for your Language Exchange


Tired of studying English on your own? Would you like to find a person with whom you can do a language exchange? If so, SharedTalk can help you.

SharedTalk is a Web page made up of a community of people (social network) interested in exchanging and learning languages. You’ll be able to find that native speaker with whom you can substantially improve your level of English.

Some of the services offered by SharedTalk are:
  • Find language partners.
  • Communicate and practise with your partner via email. You write in English and your partner reciprocates in your native language. Find the perfect pen-pal friend.
  • Practise and talk online with other members (with no need to install any additional software) through private chats or public chat rooms.
Ah, and it’s free. Visit SharedTalk.com
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