Types of travel (vocabulary)

To go on a journey/trip/cruise/voyage/expedition/safari
To make a journey

Travel is travelling in general – going from one place to another.
e.g. We enjoy travelling. You can read about our travels on our blog.
e.g. The President travelled to New York for peace talks.

A journey is a long trip.
e.g. How long did your journey last? It took a week.

A trip is a short return journey and includes a reason; business or pleasure. e.g. day trip, round trip
e.g. I’m going to Taiwan on a business trip next month. How was your trip to Italy?

A cruise is a holiday where you visit a number of places by boat.
e.g. The prices for cruises to the Caribbean have been reduced.

A voyage is a long sea journey. We don’t usually use this word today.
e.g. Before setting out on a voyage, the Vikings waited for good winds.

An expedition is an organized trip to explore the environment e.g. a fishing expedition, a shopping expedition.
e.g. We are going on an expedition to the North Pole.

A safari is to observe wild animals in their natural environment in Africa.
e.g. On our Zimbabwe safari we spotted elephants, lions, zebras, monkeys, giraffes and crocodiles.
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