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Not long ago I found out about this web page, which is in alpha version. However, I’d like to say that it works well and I haven’t had any serious bugs.

The idea is quite innovative: videos are shown with English subtitles. It’s a good idea because you can see whatever you don’t understand in written format. What is new is that the subtitles are clickable. This means that if, for example, you see the word ‘weird’ and you don’t know what it means, you can click on it and the translation (of the chosen language) appears, along with some examples of using the word.

Each video has 3 associated activities:
  1. About Blanks: The video is shown with subtitles but some words are missing and we have to complete them.
  2. About Questions: Some questions about the video.
  3. About Definitions: Definitions about some words appear in the video.
There are so many videos (new ones are added continuously) and they can be filtered by many criteria: difficulty level, categories, scenarios, ...

There is another interesting part called “Scoreboard”, in which users are sorted by the points that they have gained by doing the activities associated with the videos.

With this web page we can improve our functional vocabulary, our listening skills and the way we express ourselves in English. A weak point is that we cannot practice any grammar or writing.

To sum up, this is a much recommended web page, with which you can have a great time while improving your English. Moreover, it’s free!

Visit yolango.com
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