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Do you like football? Do you want to learn English? In that case we present you with the perfect combination: This is a Web page with many football related news reports/articles/items that will allow you to improve your English, while finding out about your favourite sport. The web page is in blog format with weekly posts written in English.

There is a wide variety of material for every post:
  • A podcast that relates the news: the podcasts are in m4a format so if you want to listen to them you need to install compatible software. For instance Quicktime (it’s free); download it here.
  • Worksheets and complete transcriptions: the worksheets contain questions related to the podcast (true or false, vocabulary and so on) as well as the answers, so you can check your responses for accuracy.
  • Interesting vocabulary appears in the podcast.
Note also that the Web page offers online games and puzzles with which you can have fun and learn from, or you can proofread the new vocabulary.

Furthermore, the posts (with the podcast) are created weekly. However, there may be a gap between the creation of the posts and that of the worksheets, i.e., the last post might be out of synch with its corresponding worksheet. So be patient; you can always work with previous posts or hold on until the new material is uploaded.

Will Ronaldo leave Manchester United?

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