- Huge Collection of Resources provides a large collection of tools and resources with which to learn English. It has so much material that probably you won’t know where to start looking! Fortunately, the resources are well organised:
  • English Language Reference: English Idioms, English Phrasal Verbs, English Irregular Verbs, Grammar Glossary.
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) Tests: English Quizzes, Language Tests, Reading Comprehension, Language Polls.
  • ESL Articles: Grammar Usage Articles, ways to improve your English, etc.
  • ESL Teacher Resources: Teacher Handouts & Printables, PDF Lesson Plans & Worksheets, etcetera.
  • ESL Discussion Forums: find answers to your doubts or ask new questions.
  • More Tools & Resources: Text Analysis & Statistics, Essay Samples, Free Software Downloads, ESL Web Directory.
Personally, what I most like from this web site are the tests. Using these tests you can check your knowledge of the English language. After finishing a test, you are graded and shown which questions you got wrong and the number of questions that you answered correctly.

This web page contains very valuable material. What are you waiting for?!

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