Learning English with Mr Duncan

Learning English with Mr Duncan

Do you know Mister Duncan? Neither did we until not so long ago … Mr Duncan is an English teacher born in Stafford (United Kingdom), who after working for 4 years in China as a teacher of English conversation, returned to the UK and decided to create free videos (uploaded to YouTube) to teach English to anyone interested in learning English online.

The main features of the videos are:
  • Average length between 4 and 10 minutes.
  • Big variety of topics: Office Words, Friends, Grammar, Slang, Technology, Time, ...
  • They are extremely funny! You will have fun while improving your English.
  • Since the ninth video [Lesson Nine (F A M E)], the videos are subtitled and we are very pleased about this because it allows you to take full advantage of these online resources.
To date Mr Duncan has created 36 videos, but this number will increase because the author usually publishes a new video each week.

Don’t hesitate to watch his videos!

Visit his channel in Youtube

Visit his Learning English Videos
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