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Do you remember Mr Duncan? He is an English teacher born in Stafford (United Kingdom) who generously uploads videos to YouTube so you can learn English online.

The thing is that Mr Duncan has a “competitor” (three cheers for competition!) known as mrthoth, a man from the US who also uploads videos to YouTube. The videos can really help you to learn and improve your English.

Mrthoth’s English videos are divided into two categories:
Every video has an average length of between four and ten minutes. They are highly recommended for furthering your understanding of English grammar and to get your ear used to the American English accent (bear in mind that mrthoth is from the US).

You can see an example of a video where he explains what a verb is, and conversely, what verbs aren't.

Visit his channel in YouTube

P.S.: It seems that mrthoth hasn’t uploaded any new videos for about seven months, which is a pity because the existing material is very valuable.
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