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Would you like to keep up-to-date while reading the news in English? Euronews is a free Web page that will help you because it contains the latest international news from a European perspective.

Euronews has recently updated its appearance and now it presents a more attractive, clear and intuitive interface. The news is organized in different categories and the information is easily accessible.

But, what’s the difference between euronews and the other websites for reading news in English, such as the BBC, VOA or the list of US online newspapers as presented in the blog? Well, in euronews the same news is in different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic. So you can see the translation from one language to another (maybe to your native language).

There is also an official euronews channel in YouTube. There you’ll find videos about news in various languages.

Visit euronews

Visit its channel in YouTube

Note: The translation of the news between the different languages is not one hundred percent accurate. However, it’s really helpful to get the general idea. If you are missing the meaning of a word, you can use some of the online dictionaries that we have already mentioned in the blog. You can also use the wonderful tool provided by WordChamp to read Web pages in other languages and see the translation and pronunciation of the words.
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