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Would you like to quickly translate an English Word but don’t have your dictionary to hand? Well, don’t worry about that because if you are connected to the Internet you can always use an online dictionary.

Today we’d like to introduce you to a new online dictionary (although it also offers other interesting resources) that you’ll be able to add to our complete list.

The name of this online dictionary is They say that they love languages and there are strong arguments to confirm it. Among the online resources offered in this website we would highlight:
  • Dictionary: it contains a large number of dictionaries like for example English-Chinese, English-German, English-Japanese, English-Portuguese, English-Russian, English-French, English-Italian, English-Polish, English-Romanian, English-Turkish and English-Spanish. When we look for a word it appears with its direct translation (and the pronunciation that you can listen to) and it also gives you similar terms, sample sentences (in English) and related entries in the forum. insists on the collaboration of the user and allows you to rate the translations and sample sentences, contributing to creating a better dictionary.
  • Vocabulary: tens of categories to learn new vocabulary (Job, School & University, Travelling, Self-study course, Fun & Hobbies and Official exams like the TOEFL or SATs). You have to register in order to do the Vocabulary lessons, registration being free for the basic version.
  • Test & Train: hundreds of tests to practice and improve your English. These tests are sorted by categories and there are some really useful ones. After finishing the test it is possible to see your score as well as the answers and by thus you can learn from your mistakes, assuming you have made any!
  • Forum: a forum where you can raise your questions and help other members of the community.
In short a very attractive online resource with a great quantity of free material to learn English.

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