Have you already joined the Campaign against Hunger?

The goal of the Campaign against Hunger is to get rice that will help reduce the 24.000 deaths that happen every day because of hunger.

In order to participate you just need:
  1. A computer with connection to the Internet.
  2. Visit the website freerice.com.
  3. Start answering the different questions (10 grains of rice will be donated for every right answer).
In freerice.com there are different subjects whereby you can practice your knowledge of English, art, chemistry, math, and geography. You can even learn other languages like Italian, French or German.

If you join the campaign please don’t forget to send an e-mail to learnenglishfromhome@gmail.com with your name, Web or alias and the quantity of grains that you have donated so we can add it to the total and keep it growing.

Several people, blogs and even high school classes have already joined the Campaign against Hunger. Many thanks to everyone who has joined:

Clase de 3º de ESO B del instituto de Jinámar en Telde, Las Palmas de G. C.
Clase de 1º de ESO B del instituto de Jinámar en Telde, Las Palmas de G. C.
Nomad for Life
Being More Through Having Less
Sharing Learning
Aprender Inglés Online

Altogether, we have already obtained more than 20,000 grains of rice.

You can see the complete list of participants and the number of granules donated in the following document.

Join today and contribute with your grains; you can obtain more than 100 in just 5 minutes.

And for that, teachers who don’t know what to do in the very last days of the summer term, why not follow Yolanda’s example and go with your students to the computer room and get started? Visit freerice.com and then tell me how it went!

More information about the Campaign against Hunger in the following post.

Thanks to all.

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