Phrasal Verbs – Grow

Grow apart = gradually become less friendly as interests/opinions change e.g. We used to be close friends but now we’ve grown apart.
Grow into clothes = become big enough for clothes to fit you e.g. I got a bigger size but I’m sure my child will grow into the jeans.
Grow on somebody = to like a person or a thing more whereas in the beginning you didn’t. e.g. I didn’t like the shape of the car but now it’s grown on me.
Grow out of clothes = when clothes become too small. e.g. She grew out of the yellow dress.
Grow out of something = to develop from somewhere e.g. The exhibition grew out of the photos I took on my trip abroad.
Grow out of something = stop being interested in something e.g. He liked playing with toy cars but now has grown out of it.
Grow up = to become an adult e.g. They grew up in Indonesia.
Grow up! = stop behaving like a child e.g. Oh grow up, it’s not funny.
Grow up on something = something you did or had when you were a child e.g. We grew up on those adventure books.
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