Proven English Learning Tips Part 3

Do not be self-conscious
  • There are some methods to the former, which may seem odd, but may work:
  • Improve your pronunciation: Use a mirror to practice makes it difficult English sounds; record speaks English and even listen to the rest, paying attention to phonemes accent, intonation and the problem.
  • Think in English: Have an imaginary conversation in English. Think about what you say.
  • Talk to your friends in English: encourage you to practice speaking with each other. This should not be limited to the classroom. Try talking to your classmates or friends in English. Do not worry about picking up bad habits of pronunciation for language more regularly will give you a much higher level of confidence and you will certainly improve faster.
For Parents

Kid's whose parents are actively involved in their child's education is probably much more likely to become successful language learners. Let them know you care by communicating regularly with them on what they learn:
• Check homework and help them as much as you can.

• If they join an English course, make sure they are actually using these bands you've paid at the beginning of the course. Too many children not remove the cellophane on their tapes. Your child can learn much from the physical examination of each unit on the tapes.

• If you can speak a little English, do not be afraid to use it with your child. Do not be afraid that your child will learn bad pronunciation - is one reason why you want your child to learn English! But the more exposure they have the language, the better they will be in English.

• Encourage your child to read as much as possible in English. It is important to select appropriate materials for your child. However, there is a wide variety of materials available in local bookstores, which will be suitable for your child.

• Let them watch cartoons and movies in English. Children love cartoons and see them in English will increase their desire to learn.

One of the best ways to help educate your child to take part yourself. Why not sign up for an English course yourself. Come to an English school with your child and learn English together.
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  2. It's just plain obvious, first begin talking in English, if conceivable with somebody who knows english well, so they can redress your mix-ups, show you and guide you. For further information

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