Find out how Babbel can help you to improve your level of English


There is no doubt that the Internet offers new and exciting ways to learn English online. We have previously mentioned Babbel, as a revolutionary platform to learn languages online.

We’d like to present you with a testimony from a person that uses Babbel and who has told us what she likes about it and how it has helped her to improve her level of English.

1. How long have you been using Babbel in order to improve your level of English?

I’ve been studying English with Babbel for several months. I usually practice one hour every day rather than practicing a lot in a day and then don’t study again for some days.

2. During this time, do you think that you have improved your level of English and in what way?

From my point of view, I have improved a lot, especially on my vocabulary skills as I have improved them progressively.

3. What are your favourite features from Babbel? What is your favourite one and what is the one that you like least?

What I like about Babbel is that I can practice from my listening to my speaking skills, for example: you can configure your microphone in order to evaluate your pronunciation and that makes you to improve and perfect it. You also have the possibility to review everyday what you have learnt, what makes that you are always practicing and properly acquiring the new knowledge. Moreover, it’s a very interactive program; you can chat with people around the World and see different English expressions that they use.

As of now, I can’t say anything negative about Babbel, I think that the interface is very clear and easy to understand. I’d include some videos with conversations from an elementary to an advanced level, to practice more the listening skills. But in general, I can say that it’s a very complete website.

4. Have you tried any other product to learn English online? Do you think that Babbel is better than other products that you have tried?

Yes, I’ve tried other products to learn English, but due to the complexity of the website, I’ve ended up using Babbel. With no doubt, Babbel is top quality and allows you to learn English in a fast and simple way, and especially, without getting bored.

5. Do you think that the price for a course on Babbel is reasonable and why?

Babbel prices are quite cheap, as for less than 9$ per month, you have access to many applications to learn a language in a very interactive way totally adapted to your needs. You can connect to Babbel at any time and not only from your computer but also from your mobile phone. This makes that you don’t waste any time as in a bus or train stop, you could be learning English.

Stop thinking about it, register for free and try Babbel today
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