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Are you looking for an app to learn English on your iPod Touch or iPhone? Sometimes, it’s difficult to decide what app to choose and download as you don’t want to be wasting your time or money!

We are reviewing an app today called Learn English Reading Obama designed by Karaoke4English. The idea is simple but powerful at the same time and English students can get a great benefit from this app. You are presented with the Obama Inaugural speech that you can read and listen to at the same time. The app highlights the text that it’s currently read which help a lot to follow and understand the speech.

Text Read

The full learning experience is based on this clever idea; you can tap on a word to see the translation to your native language, save the word to practice it later with the flashcard exercises and pause and resume the playback at anytime.

Flashcards exercises are very carefully designed and use the approach of repetition in order to memorise new words. Once you have got right the meaning of a word 3 times, you have learned this word and it’s added to your “knowledge”. You can see a screenshot of the flashcard exercise below:


The more words you learn, the more words you add to your knowledge base. You can check your knowledge at any time by going to “Knowledge” mode while playing Obama’s speech. As you can see, so far I have only learned the meaning of “collective” so I need to keep practicing in order to expand my vocabulary!


To sum up, Learn English Reading Obama is an amazing app to get your level of English to the next level as you can improve your vocabulary, grammar and listening skills. And because you can do it on your iPod or iPhone, you can potentially learn English anywhere and at your own pace.

Download this app from iTunes for just 2.99$.
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