Add value to your CV by improving your level of English

Whether you’re looking for a job or not, it’s always good to acquire new skills and knowledge to help improve your Curriculum Vitae (hereinafter referred to as ‘CV’). These can be directly related to your profession (like a training course) or can be more generic like languages.

There’s no doubt that knowing languages will always open new doors for you as we live in a globalized World with companies having offices in every continent. The professional communication language is English and as such, mastering it is an essential requirement to access to a good job.

If you have decided to improve your level of English, you could be in one of the following situations:
  • You have a job and a good amount of free time. Good for you, make the most of that time and willingness to learn English. On this blog you’ll find hundreds of free resources, learning guides and innovative ideas to learn English.
  • You have a job but not much free time. How can you learn English if, when you finish work, all the academies are closed? Who wants to learn English when you have only 3 or fewer free hours per day? The answer to the first question is that there are loads of flexible ways to learn English and many of them use the Internet. If you are looking for some tips on how to learn English online, start by looking at our learning guides. With reference to the second question, when there’s not much time you have to prioritize; it may look as if learning English doesn’t give an immediate advantage, but in the medium and large term it’ll turn out to be very beneficial for sure.
  • You don’t have a job. The positive side is that you probably have a lot of free time, the negative side is probably all the rest. How can you study English if you don’t have enough money to study in an academy? It seems to be a tin can tied to its tail situation. Fortunately, you can study English for free so no need for money. As with the person with a job but not much free time, we’d recommend you start with our learning guides. Also don’t forget about finding a person to speak English with in some of the social networks to learn languages.
If you’re looking for a job, the most important thing is to keep a positive attitude and never give up. You could also offer to do some voluntary work with charities. Apart from getting to know people, this looks good on your CV. Potential employers often take note of voluntary work contributions.

At Learn English Online we’d also like to thrown in our two penneth. If you have studied a course related to English teaching and are looking for a job, we invite you to collaborate on this blog. If you actively collaborate on the blog, your name will appear on the “Active Contributors” section. If you prefer, it could also include a link to your profile in a professional network like LinkedIn or Xing.

And as always, at Learn English Online we’d like to keep helping you with the best online resources to learn English.

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