Model Answer - IELTS (Task 2)

In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing.
What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them.

Obesity is a current problem especially in developed countries whose populations are increasingly overweight putting a strain on the health system. A lack of fitness also leads to health issues such as heart disease, cancer etc.

Our poor diet and busy lifestyle are the main causes of bad levels of health. There has been a shift from natural, home-cooked food towards fast-food, junk food and take-away options. These choices tend to have high levels of fat, sugar and are often dripped into oil which leads to weight gain. Additionally, a stressful daily routine does not allow time for eating well or exercising. Being fit and exercising improves a person’s level of health.

I believe an individual is responsible for their own lifestyle choices. A simple measure such as walking to work or climbing stairs in a building during office hours instead of using the elevator can add to a person’s physical well-being. Instead of eating out, an individual can make a healthy low fat sandwich to take to work. Not having time to look after our body is the easiest excuse for being lazy.

The government can help to a small extent by promoting health and fitness. It could for example provide more parks, bicycle lanes and free gyms. To encourage its citizens to eat fresh, local produce, it could limit imports of foreign food and heavily tax fast food restaurants.

To conclude, an overweight population is a present day phenomenon that should worry individuals as well as the government. To ensure good health people should take care of their diet and exercise more and the government could lend a hand in this respect.
Question taken from IELTS 8 past papers p.102
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