Expository Writing Tips

Expository writing is writing that explains a concept or idea. You will most often use this writing style when you are writing research papers, process essays, definition essays, and technical instruction manuals. An expository essay might explain the steps that are needed in order to achieve a particular goal, such as applying for a job, or it might teach a skill, such as how to perform an Internet search for health information. 

Every Essay has three major steps, Introduction, Body and finally conclution. Some writers will include chronologically numbered steps containing specific details and explanations, while others accompany their explanations with photographs or illustrations of each specific step. Here I am going to give you some guideline for Expository Writing. You need to follow these guidelines to get perfection in Expository writing.
expository writing

Guidelines for Expository Writing

Before committing one word to paper, decide on your audience and purpose: Who will be reading your paper? What are you trying to accomplish?
Do not expand here using examples, facts, or statistics. You may briefly state your main points.
Present your ideas and explanations or directions in an organized, clear, and precise manner.
Add specific details and several topic-relevant examples to help the reader better understand the general topic. 
Remember to smooth the transition from your general statement to your specific example by using transitional phrases such as “to illustrate” or “an example of,” but try not to cram too many of these phrases into your paragraphs.
Choose your examples carefully. Providing one or two excellent examples is better than cramming your paragraph with three or four weak examples.
expository writing tips

Focus on explaining one specific step or concept at a time.
Explain and define as necessary and provide facts, examples, quotations, etc for support.
Proofread for errors in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
Proofread to be certain that necessary information or steps have not been omitted.
Vary the type of support and how to present it. Use creative, interesting, clear, specific support.
Read your essay aloud to be certain that the language sounds natural and not forced or stilted.

I hope above mentioned guidelines helps you in expository writing. Good Luck!
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