Have/Have got

I/you/we/they have (got)
He/she/it has (got)

X I/you/we/they don’t have OR haven’t got
He/she/it doesn’t have OR hasn’t got

? Do I/you/we/you/they have…? Have I/you/we/they got…?
Does he/she/it have…? Has he/she/it got….?

We use have/have got to:-
Show possession e.g. I’ve got a brother. He has two children. I haven’t got a computer.
To describe people, animals, things e.g. She has brown hair. It has got a long tail. The computer has a big screen.
To talk about an illness e.g. We have a headache. I’ve got a cold. He’s got a broken nose.
To describe relationships e.g. Have you got a sister? We haven’t got a brother.

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