Problem pairs

Remind (someone else helps you remember). e.g. Can you remind me to take my medicine?
Remember (bring to your mind) e.g. I remembered John’s birthday.

Invent (to design or create something new). e.g. Edison invented the light bulb.
Discover (find something new - already exists) e.g. Columbus discovered the Americas in 1942.

Rob (a place or person) e.g. Three banks were robbed last week. The broke in and robbed my flat.
Steal (items) e.g. They stole hundreds of dollars from the bank. Someone has stolen my mobile phone.

Priceless (having a lot of value) e.g. Some of his paintings are priceless.
Valueless (having no value) e.g. I was fooled by the dealer. The antique piece was valueless.

Prevent (take action to stop something before it begins) e.g. We should pass laws to prevent the spread of violence.
Avoid (staying away from something) e.g. I try to avoid being stuck in traffic.

Control (to restrict someone or something) e.g. The police tightened their control over football hooligans.
Check (examine something) e.g. They checked our passport at the airport.

Beat (another team/person) e.g. Italy beat France in 2006.
Win (to come first) e.g. Italy won the world cup in 2006.

Speak/talk to somebody about something
Can I speak now?
He speaks three languages.
Can I speak to your supervisor?
He speaks quickly.
The professor only spoke for a short while.
They talked about their school days.
Let’s talk business.

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