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Are you looking for podcasts? We are pleased to present a web page with thousands of them in English, organised into different categories: Dalily Life, English Café, Transportation, Health/Medicine, Business, Relationships, Travel and Entertainment.

The podcasts are complete and structured in the following way:
  1. Short description about the podcast itself (title and number) and the web page where it is taken
  2. Dialogue read at a slower pace.
  3. Descriptions and examples of how to use the vocabulary and grammar employed in the dialogue.
  4. Same dialogue read at a standard pace.
Every podcast can be listened to online or downloaded so that it can be listened to on our ipod, or any other compatible device.

Notice that listening to podcasts online, or downloading them, is free. However, this web page offers a Learning Guide for each podcast and the guides contain complete transcripts, definitions, additional explanations and etc., but they are not free of charge.

The podcasts, whose average length is between 10 and 15 minutes, are really good, so go on, try them!

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