15+ Great Quizzes in English

Quizzes in English

Question-all-student: Games in English? What for?
Know-all-teacher: In order to learn English, without effort, while you have fun.
Question-all-student: I played games when I was 5, now I’m 20 and I don’t feel like playing anymore.
Know-all-teacher: I can’t force you to choose your method of learning English. I can help and guide you in what it’s better for you and games in English are a very effective method.
Question-all-student: It will certainly be boring. Anyway, I’ll try it – once.

In the Learn English Online blog we also have decided to follow the tips from know-all teacher and we have looked for some Websites that provide us with entertaining games in English.

A very interesting one that we have found is Quizicon. We already know about its existence because of the 100 Most Common English Words, but today we want to share with you the full list of games on the site. These games are ideal for learning new vocabulary, expressions and improving our knowledge in general.

Some of the games that we have found especially attractive are:
  • 50 Largest Countries
  • The Constellations
  • Punctuation Symbols
  • Olympic Summer Sports
  • Olympic Winter Sports
  • Musical Symbols
  • Word Mix TOASTER
  • Authors of Classic Novels
  • Cockney Alphabet
  • Zodiac Signs
  • Roman Gods
  • World’s Largest Cities
  • Flags of Europe
  • Longest Rivers
  • Greek Gods
  • Most Common Phobias.
And, of course, the 100 Most Common English Words.

Visit the full list of games in order to play some of these enjoyable quizzes that will test your English and also your knowledge of general culture.

Note: if you decide to follow the tips from the know-all-teacher and you are looking for more games and quizzes in English have a look at the section of the blog dedicated to the quizzes where you’ll find very interesting online resources.
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