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Would you like to learn new vocabulary in English with a simple and easy method? In this post we present you a Webpage that will help you in the learning of words in a quickly and funny way.

The name of this Webpage is VerbaLearn and its learning method is based on the creation of study lists made of a collection of words. These study lists are based on four different English vocabulary tests: SAT, ACT, GRE and general vocabulary.

After selecting the type of study list and the size that you want, you should begin completing it with the new vocabulary in English. When you are creating your study list you choose the correct meaning from four different possibilities of a given word. If you miss when selecting the option or you are not sure about its meaning, the word will form part of your study list. Once you learn the word in English it will automatically disappear from your list.

A feature that we like about VerbaLearn is that for each word cited you are given the pronunciation, its definition and an example of use in context (very important in order to facilitate the learning of new vocabulary).

Oops! I failed in the meaning of the word “augur”:


Once your study list is completed, you can review it online or offline. The way of reviewing it online is by doing a series of activities (sentences) where you have to pick the correct word to complete the sentence. If you decide to review your list offline, you can do it either by subscribing to the podcasts or by directly downloading to your computer a file in .mp3 format with all the sentences from your study list. This is an original idea and pretty handy since you can save the file in your player and then listen to the new vocabulary in English when you are travelling, commuting, doing sport, etc.

Visit VerbaLearn

If you are interested in learning new English vocabulary in an easy way, we recommend you visiting the following online resources that we have mentioned in the blog as well:

FreeRice – learn new vocabulary in English while you donate rice that will help to palliate the hunger in the world.

Babbel – learn new words using the method of linking an image with the word in English (very entertaining!)

Mr Duncan – superb videos in YouTube from an English teacher that teaches you new words and expressions.

Looking for more? There are many other places to learn new vocabulary: social networks, dictionaries, pages with podcasts … have a look at our collection of free resources to learn vocabulary and you’ll probably find some that fit your needs.

Happy learning!
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