More Strange Words in English - Odd English Words (Part 2/2)

Do you know the English words that make the triple S (SSS)? Scrumptious, Sequacious and Swingeing. Pretty uncommon words, aren’t they? It might even be the first time that you’ve heard them.

Odd English Words

In this post we present you with the rest of the collection of strange English words that completes the list of “Odd English Words”.

As we usually do, we present the list in a table with four columns: the Word, the Meaning (in English), the Form and an Example of Use (to see the word in context).

This second part includes the last 12 words from the list:

Table 1: Odd English Words (Part 2)
WordMeaningFormExample of use
To LoatheTo dislike (someone or something) greatlyVerbShe loathes men who smoke.
A moot pointSomething irrelevant / A point or question to be debatedNounUntil we rebuild downtown, whether we build more parking spaces is a moot point.
PotationThe act of drinking / A drink, usually alcoholicNounPerhaps his nocturnal potations, prevented him from recognising accents which were tolerably familiar to him.
To quashTo put down or suppress forcibly and completelyVerbThe general ruthlessly quashed all opposition.
To rarefyTo make thin, less compact, or less denseVerbThe bones are rarefied.
ScrumptiousDelicious or very attractiveAdjectiveMy grandmother does really scrumptious cakes.
SequaciousSlavishly unthinking and uncriticalAdjectiveSequacious media is bad for democracy.
SwingeingSevere; punishingly badAdjectiveBBC newsreaders face swingeing salary cuts.
TawdryCheap, showy, and of poor qualityAdjectiveThose are tawdry Christmas decorations.
To be on tenterhooksTo be uncertain and anxious about what is going to happenVerbHe was on tenterhooks about the result of the exam.
Tinker’s cussTo be uninterested in somethingNounI don’t give a tinker’s cuss if it rains all weekend.
To VillifyTo make vicious and defamatory statements aboutVerbThe Nazi propaganda villified the Jews.
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