Can you spot what’s not quite right with this story?

There was a paws as the cat jumped threw the window and court a mouse. Eye saw the hole thing and herd it two from the stares this mourning. Of coarse I don’t no wear the mouse is write now. I have too weight hear four the cat two leave so I can fined it!

It’s full of ‘homophones’ – words which sound the same as another word but the spelling and meaning are different. e.g. red (colour), read (a book - past tense)

So you would eat a sweet and stay in a hotel suite. You can sail on a boat and view the clothes on sale. You will check your mail (correspondence) on-line and not your male (human).
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  1. LOL! My first thought was 'oh no, how many mistakes they have made in such a short post!'. Now I see the point. Homophones usually bewilder English learners. However, when they are used in fiction, pun creating humorous effect may occur. It's not that easy to make a pun or, as it is sometimes called - a play of words, actually. I write my blog and give tips on how to do that and a lot of more interesting pieces of advice connected with writing.
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