Being polite (euphemisms)

Some expressions are offensive or blunt and these can be substituted with a more indirect or mild phrase called a euphemism.

You may hear terms such as ‘it fell off the back of a truck’ (the person saying this stole it!), ‘I’m between jobs’ (unemployed), and ‘I’ve been laid off’ (fired).

Someone who needs to go to the toilet may say:
Excuse me. I have to answer a call of nature.
I need to visit the Ladies Room.
Where is the nearest public convenience?
May I be excused?

Euphemisms for lying:
Jo was economical with the truth.
They fabricated the truth.
Their statement was categorically inaccurate.

There are many euphemisms for unpleasant, personal matters such as death:

Mr. Holmes has passed away/ is no longer with us/ departed/ checked out/ passed on/ kicked the bucket/ assumed room temperature / bitten the dust / cashed in his chips / bought the farm.

And obesity:

Mrs. Wilson is big boned / well figured / well fed / of ample proportions / built for comfort not speed.
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