Verbs in a sentence help us understand what time is being referred to. They can be divided into present, past and future.

The Present:
Present simple e.g. She lives in London.
Present continuous e.g. She is living in London at the moment.

The Past:
Past simple e.g. She lived in London last year.
Past continuous e.g. She was living in London.
Present perfect e.g. She has lived in London before.
Past perfect e.g. She had lived in London.
Present perfect continuous e.g. She has been living in London.
Past perfect continuous e.g. She had been living in London.

The Future:
Going to e.g. She is going to live in London.
Will/shall e.g. She will live in London.
Will/shall + continuous e.g. She will be living in London.
Will/shall + perfect e.g. She will have lived in London for some time by then.
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