Smories - Great Stories in English for Kids

Smories - Great Stories in English for Kids

Smories is a fantastic web page that contains hundreds of stories (in video format) for kids. Moreover, every story is read by a child and it’s also possible to add subtitles, so it’s quite easy to understand these stories.

Every video-story has a title, a summary and the name of the child that reads it. It also mentions the recommended age for the audience of the story along with similar stories for the same range of age.

At Smories, they also have competitions every now and then where quite significant sums of prize monies are awarded to the more successful video-stories.

Smories is without doubt an excellent online resource for your children to listen to a story before going to bed or for the kids at school to have a good time during English or Computer lessons.

Visit Smories and start enjoying its wonderful stories.

This is a guest post written by Mattias. Matthias collaborates at Lernenblog, a blog where you’ll find many tips, material and free resources to learn German online.
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