Teaching English to Children

Teaching English to children are not as simple as it sounds, but it is not impossible. The great challenge for all teachers is to ensure, as educators, they are able to keep them captivated. Once you do that, you have 70% of the battle won. Thank you to the Internet, most subjects in English can be found online for teachers and students. New media has added value to teaching from images to audio to video. English courses for children are available online, with lesson plans available for teachers to follow. You can find songs in English for children to sing and singing in the class who make the classes lively and exciting for students. There are even many types of online English dictionaries ranging from American to British English.

The four simple ways to teach English to children are listed below:

1. First of all increase the interest to your children and best way is to keep closer to your children; the more they will be interested to learn from you. Always Speak English and English only. Do not take Pronunciation lightly as it is a very important factor, when you introduce a new vocabulary for students. First, write on the white board. Pronounce each word clearly. Then have them repeat the words aloud and say, look it up in a dictionary to know what that means. At first they might be reluctant. Once you encourage them to do, it will become part of their routine. As educators, the most important thing is to ensure that children can identify, read and above all speak the word clearly and learn the meanings of new words. When they come back for the next class. Enhance the game playing, word on who can spell and remember the meaning of the word. For every word spelled right to give them a star. This would make their day.

2. Identify how each child learns to be sensitive to their style. This is certainly not easy to teach and control of a class of 20 to 30 students. There are different types of learners, whether a child learns quickly, notably through "audio". This means that the particular child is an audio learner. Try to teach them through music by having them perform a song in a sing-along. If you can afford why not use video clips or even animation. You can even get interesting songs in English for children from CDs, stores music or a book. For example, if your kids like Barney, then get your children to participate in a Barney sing.
3. You can also let your child mix with children who are their peers who are native speakers of English. How? Well, during the hours of play, you can let your children experience this group of children who will always be in the park. Ask your child bring a toy on which he can share with children as well. Please continue to check that your child is comfortable being around these children.

4. For children who are most at hand, you are advised to seek activities that involve movement therewith. Make them dance shake their bodies to an Englishman. Barney sing the same songs are very good examples. This is because, generally, by observing the movements Barney fact, most children are attracted to follow and sing too. You can also have your children write what they see or perhaps an interesting story short. Make it resemble a game so they feel more interested in playing with you. Praise your child when they do well and encourage them.
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