General Training Model Answer (Task 2)

Today more people are travelling than ever before.
Why is this the case?
What are the benefits of travelling for the traveller?

The world has come a long way since animals such as horses and donkeys were used for local transport and people walked from one area to another. Similarly, a trip abroad was achieved once in a life-time. Nowadays the skies are full of aeroplanes, the seas of ships, the land of cars and trains and the list of frequent flyers is endless.

The increase in travel can be attributed to the invention of modern means of transport such as high speed trains and planes. The links between countries, cities and towns have improved and travellers are now connected to destinations worldwide. What is more, by buying tickets on the internet and with so many special offers and packages, travel is now affordable to most people. In terms of business, it has become fashionable to meet representatives from other countries and to seal contracts by meeting people in their home environment.

There are multiple benefits for travellers going abroad. Firstly, they gain a better understanding of another culture, history, and heritage which broadens their horizons and makes them respect other people. It has made the world a smaller place where difference is accepted, encouraged and valued. Secondly, many travellers see this as an opportunity to relax and escape their work routine and daily life of time-tables. It is usually the experiences from travelling that people remember most.

The low cost of international travel, better connections and speed ensures that people have a wealth of opportunities available to them. Travelling for pleasure creates moments that stay with us forever.

Question taken from IELTS 8 Past Papers p. 116
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