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Using the resources to learn English available on this blog, you can improve your level of English up to upper-intermediate or advanced level. However, if you do want to step up your level, studying and doing exercises just a few hours during the week is not enough.

For many of us, we return to our daily lives where we’re surrounded by people that speak our native language and our brains will still think in that language. Is it possible for my brain to think in English? Absolutely yes! And it’s in those moments when you fulfil the long journey to feel secure and proud of your level of English. A total immersion in a foreign English speaking country is the step that’ll provide you with: full command of the language, fluency when speaking and even being able to think in English.

When taking English courses abroad, you’re also getting to know a new culture and people from all over the World (living in dormitories or family homes), apart from discovering amazing places like the UK, Ireland, Malta, the US, Canada and others. With over 40 schools in 8 countries, Kaplan International offers all kinds of English courses. There are many factors to take into account before studying English abroad and we recommend starting with three simple questions:

Where should I go to study English?

Start by choosing a country that appears interesting and then pick a city. You can find some of the places that Kaplan offers on below video:

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In each of the options below, you’ll find yourself living in a different culture and totally immersed in English:
  • Learn English in England: the main city is obviously London. You can also study in Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and coast towns like Bournemouth or Torquay.
  • Learn English in Scotland: the beautiful city of Edinburgh has a very active university life and it’s a unique place from a cultural point of view.
  • Learn English in Ireland: the Irish capital, Dublin, combines a medium sized city with a very friendly and interesting atmosphere.
  • Learn English in Malta: this island combines many features that make it a very interesting alternative place to study English.
  • Learn English in the US: you can study English on flat 63 of the famous Empire State Bulding of New York and in Boston, Miami, Chicago, Washington or in cities of the West coast like Los Angeles, San Francisco and others.
  • Learn English in Canada: Vancouver and Toronto will show you the Canadian culture.
  • Learn English in Australia: you can study English in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Cairns, with a combination of incredible weather, spectacular natural views and a very active social life.
  • Learn English in New Zealand: Auckland is the entry point to this country, one of the most impressive destinations for its natural beauty.
What type of English course fulfils my goals?

The type of English course that you choose depends on your personal and professional goals. If you’d like to reach speaking fluency, you’re looking for an immersion of several weeks at least. It’s possible to do it within 6 or 12 months.

Apart from the length, you should also consider the content of the course. Below are some of the most interesting options:Where can I stay to boost my learning of English?

To achieve a total immersion on English and culture of the country, it’s important that you live along with other English speaking people, far from your native language. The two best options for these are:
  • Accommodation on a family house: you’ll live with a local family, enjoying an English speaking atmosphere all the time. You’ll have your own private bedroom in any of the destinations that Kaplan offers.
  • Accommodation on dormitories with international students: you’ll be staying with students from more than 100 different countries.
We recommend you to explore some of the options and analyze which of the Kaplan schools is the ideal for you. Don’t forget to define the type of course, length and accommodation. There are many options to study English abroad! You can contact a Kaplan student advisor through this form to get more details and specialized help in order to choose the right course, destination and accommodation for you.
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