Three great apps to learn English that you should add to Google Chrome

Lyrics for Google Chrome

This fantastic extension for Google Chrome allows you to get the lyrics of any song on YouTube,, Grooveshark and Google Music.

It’s very easy to use. If for instance you visit YouTube and watch a musical video on the address bar you’ll see the icon for the app; if you click on it, a text box with the lyrics for the song will appear on the right side of the video.

Lyrics Example

Learning English through listening to music is very amusing and effective. You can find some tips and more resources on this learning guide to learn English from scratch using Music.

Add Lyrics to Google Chrome

How do you say
How Do You Say

This extension allows you to improve your level of English by getting real-time words pronunciation just by highlighting them on the web page. For example, if you visit the website for the English newspaper The Guardian, you’ll see on the address bar the icon for the app (the United Kingdom flag). It’ll be in a shade of grey and if you click on it and then on the “Enable” button you’ll be able to use the real-time pronunciation functionality:

How do you say enable

You’ll then be able to select any word from the text and listen to its pronunciation. This app is really useful for learning how to pronounce new vocabulary.

How do you say example

Add How Do You Say to Google Chrome

American-English radio
American / English Radio

Last but not least, a great extension to increase your number of listening hours and thus immersing yourself more in the English language and improving your listening comprehension skills. This app allows you to listen online to several stations from the US and GB like Kiss, BBC Radio 1 or Pulse 87.

Using this app is very simple, you just need to launch it and select the station that you wish to listen to.

American-English radio example

Add American / English Radio to Google Chrome
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