Verbs starting with 'over'

Verbs starting with ‘over’ can mean too much.

Overachieve – better than expected
Overact – act a role in an exaggerated way
Overactive – too active
Overambitious – having too much ambition
Overanxious – excessively anxious
Overbook – accept more bookings than there is room for
Overburden – give too much work to do
Overcautious – too cautious
Overcharge – charge too high a price
Overcompensate – take excessive measures to make amends for something
Overconfident – excessively confident
Overcook – cook for too long
Overcrowded – too many people
Overdevelop – develop too much
Overdo – to too much of an activity
Overdose – take too much of a dangerous drug
Overdraw – take too much money out of a bank account
Overdress – dress too formally
Overeager – excessively eager
Overeat – eat too much
Overemphasize – put too much emphasis on
Overenthusiasm – excessive enthusiasm
Overestimate – to think that something is more than it actually is
Overexcited – very excited
Overexert – make too great an effort
Overexpose – expose too much
Overfamiliar – too well known
Overfill – fill to excess
Overflow – too full
Overgrow – grow too large
Overhear – to unintentionally hear something someone says when they aren’t talking to you
Overheat – make or become too hot
Overindulge – have too much of something enjoyable
Overjoyed – extremely happy
Overkill – too much of something
Overload – load too heavily
Overlook – to ignore or not notice a problem
Overpay – pay too much
Overplay – over emphasize
Overpriced – too expensive
Overprotective – excessively protective
Overqualified – having too many qualifications
Overrate – rate more highly than is deserved
Overreact – react more strongly than is justified
Oversimplify – make something too simple so an inaccurate impression is given
Oversized – bigger than the usual size
Oversleep – to sleep longer than you should
Overspend – spend too much
Overstate – state too strongly
Overstay – stay longer than an allowed time
Overstep – go beyond a limit
Overstretch – make excessive demands on
Overtime – work more than the normal working hours
Overturn – to turn upside down or on the side
Overuse – use too much
Overweight – above normal weight
Overwork – work too much
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  5. Thanks alot for sharing the vocabulary for few words of english. English is an international language but as it is not our national language so our vocabulary is not vast.

  6. OMG... this is quite a huge list of words starting with verb "over". I wonder if you could share few more words for us.