Academic Writing - Task 1 (Model answer)

How chewing gum is made

The diagram shows the production stages of chewing gum from its initial melting through to the final packaging.

The first stage involves putting pieces of gum into a container where they are melted and joined together. This mass is then strained to remove the liquid. Following this, the gum is placed into another container where three ingredients are added; flavourings, softeners and sweeteners in order to provide the appropriate taste. This mixture is blended so the ingredients are spread throughout. The gum is then passed through rollers in order to flatten it and to take the form of sheeting which is easier to cut into rectangles. Once cut, the shapes are broken off with the help of two rollers into individual pieces. On a conveyor belt the finished product is wrapped and ready for distribution.

To sum up, making chewing gum is relatively easy and involves melting the initial ingredient, straining it, adding additives and forming the shape that is required for the market.

Question taken from Vocabulary for IELTS p.121
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  1. Whenever I am bored or I just need a breath freshener, chewing a gum can really make it cool. I always have it on my pocket and my friends frequently asking me to give them some. ;p

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