Learn English and improve your vocabulary base with Quizlet


Quizlet is one of those free Internet resources that are worth trying and that you’ll love. It’s based completely on the use of flashcards for learning English, vocabulary or almost anything.

You can make your own flashcards at Quizlet and then share them so you’ll have millions to choose from. These flashcards are grouped in different categories, like Arts and Literature, Languages and Vocabulary, Maths and Science, History and Geography, Standardized Tests and Professional and Careers.

To study English, the most interesting subcategories are English (in Languages and Vocabulary), SSAT, TOEFL and TOEIC (in Standardized Tests). Moreover, as the majority of vocabulary is in English, you’ll be able to dip into the category you’re interested in and practice your English skills.

The following tools and games are available for each flashcard:
  • Flashcard Mode: allows you to familiarize yourself with the material.
  • Speller Mode: uses audio to let you type what you hear.
  • Learn Mode: is the most powerful study mode, keeping track of your scores, and retesting incorrect answers.
  • Test Mode: generates customizable tests with short answers, matching, multiple choice and true/false options.
  • Scatter: is a fun matching game which lets you drag and drop questions and answers with your mouse while racing against the clock.
  • Space Race: is the ultimate video game study simulation. Racing the clock, you type in answers to questions flying overhead before they evade your grasp.
You can see an example about the Learn Mode below:

Quizlet is also a very valuable resource for classes, as teachers will be able to create their own flashcards (which can include images) and then use them in class with their students. As it’s an interactive resource, the chances are that it will be fully accepted by the class.

Finally, you can also enjoy Quizlet on your phone or tablet as there are many available apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire.

Go on and check out Quizlet, it won’t disappoint you.
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