50+ Sentences and Exercises for Public Speaking in English

English Public Speaking

Do you need to prepare a presentation in English? Have you any idea how to do it or where to start? If not, don’t worry – we have the ideal Web page for you!

Effective Public Speaking is a website with sentences, tips and very entertaining exercises that will allow you to prepare and practise your forthcoming presentation in English.

This Web page is organized into several very useful sections:
  • Starting a Presentation: sentences and exercises to show you how to get people’s attention, welcome them, introduce yourself, state the purpose of your presentation and state how you want to deal with questions.
  • Signposting: sentences and exercises to use when you want to change to a completely different topic, when you want to give more details about a topic and when you want to refer to an earlier point, etc.
  • A Friendly Face: when doing a presentation it’s very common to feel nervous. Give yourself some support from the audience by looking for people that will encourage you (showing attention or with a friendly demeanour) when you need a boost.
And like the above, there are other very interesting sections on the Web page, each one containing more useful sentences and exercises.

Remember: there’s no need to feel embarrassed when talking in English and doing your presentation; we are all learning. Successful people in the world of business and politicians make a valiant effort when they have to talk in English.

Watch the following video with the presentation of Emilio Botín (president of Banco Santander):

And the next one with Sarkozy (president of France):

There is no doubt that a great contemporary speaker is Obama, the new president of the United States:

Visit Effective Public Speaking and start working on your next presentations!
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