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Visual Dictionary Online

It is said that an image is worth more that a thousand words. With a visual dictionary we join both ideas: the image and the word, and the outcome is really surprising.

"Visual Dictionary Online" is a marvellous visual dictionary that contains more than 6000 images divided in 15 interesting themes: Astronomy, The Earth, The Animal Kingdom, The Human Being, Communications, Energy, and so on.

In order to look for a word in English you can surf the themes and their sections or use the website's browser. After browsing a word you'll see a list of images where the word appears. Once you've selected your chosen image you can see it in a bigger size along with the definition of the related word and even listen to the pronunciation in English.

You can see a sample of what you get when looking for and selecting the word "supermarket" (a great description with the most important areas of a supermarket):


A really valuable resource to practise English, look up and learn new words. Don't hesitate and visit Visual Dictionary Online now!

Note: For other online dictionaries (slang English, multilingual, with synonyms, etc.,) please visit our section about dictionaries.
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