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Ziggity Zoom

Are you looking for a Website from which your children can learn English while they have a very enjoyable time? If your answer is affirmative, keep reading, and even if it’s negative you might still be curious, so don’t stop reading because Ziggity Zoom is a charming online resource.

Ziggity Zoom is a surprising Web page that offers a wide range of resources from which children can learn English while playing and enjoying themselves.

Among the resources provided by Ziggity Zoom we would highlight:


  • Games: a collection of witty games including helping a baby elephant find his mummy or feed a monster. There are also printable games.
  • Colour Pictures: hundreds of pictures that can be painted online or printed off.
  • Interactive stories: hilarious stories in English with nice illustrations and a very attractive font style for the children. Some of the stories also include sounds that tell the story while moving the pages forward.
  • Activities: give a boost to the creativity of the children using different printables with which they’ll be able to do amazing arts and crafts.
  • Explore your World: printable material with different objects and the name of the object (in English) besides it. This is recommended for the learning of new vocabulary.
  • and much more!
This is a Web page that we like a lot; it contains a big quantity of material to learn English and is excellent for children to improve their English.

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