Family tree

Peter is Jane's husband.
Jane is Peter's wife.

Peter and Jane are John's parents.
Peter is John's father.
Jane is John's mother.
John is Peter and Jane's son.
Tina is John and Mary's daughter.

Tina, Harry, Jack and George are John and Mary's children.

Peter and Jane are Tina's grandparents.
Peter is Tina's grandfather.
Jane is Tina's grandmother.
Tina is Peter's granddaugher.
Harry is Peter's grandson.

Harry is Tina's brother.
Tina is Harry's sister.

George is Angelina's uncle.
Jill is Angelina's aunt.
Angelina is William's cousin.
Angelina is George and Jill's neice.
Tim is George and Jill's nephew.

Emily is Tina's sister-in-law.
Emily is John and Mary's daughter-in-law.
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