Increase your English Vocabulary on Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, you can learn English with simple things like setting your Facebook account to English. If you are not convinced, let’s take a look at the home page:

Facebook Home

Now, let's review a picture I took back in 2008:

Facebook Picture

Can you tell us the meaning of these words and sentences?
  • News Feed
  • Friends Online
  • What's on your mind?
  • Share
  • Ad
  • Like
  • Tag this Photo
  • Make Profile Picture

News Feed: This is the place where your friend’s activity appears.
I saw some pictures of your last trip on my news feed. They are wonderful.

Friends Online: Current available friends (to chat with).
Where are you? You don't appear on my Friend Online list, but your sister does.

What's on your mind?: This is a question Facebook asks to encourage you to put what are you thinking or doing.
A penny for your thoughts...I mean, what's on your mind?

Share: When you want to give something to someone, without expecting anything in return, you are sharing. In this case you can share a picture of yourself, a page link or a video you are watching on YouTube.
I like to share on Facebook interesting news that I've read on my favourites online newspapers.

Ad: Advertisement.
Some ads on TV are really creative, but others are silly.

Like: If you like a picture, video or comment, you can click on Like, and let people know about it.
I took this picture by mistake, but oddly people liked it.

Tag this Photo: to id someone by putting a tag or label on a photo.
I tagged my mates on our pictures from the party last night. Some of them look really hilarious; it was fun tagging them with their names.

Make Profile Picture: If you like a picture of yourself, and want to make it your profile photo, click on that link.
I really love Jennifer's profile picture. She looks beautiful when she smiles.

Guest post from Luis M. Gallardo, you can visit his blog about Linux, Programming, Videogames and many other topics. Luis also has a section dedicated to English.
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