Verbs + to + infinitive

decide, afford, promise, offer, forget, manage, plan, want, refuse, arrange, agree seem, try, fail, hope + to + infinitive

e.g. We decided to go to India as we could afford to pay for the flight. The airlines promised to give us good seats and offered to fly us first class. Even though we forgot to book a taxi, we managed to get to the airport on time. We planned to stop at Dubai as we wanted to shop. They refused to issue us a visa there so we arranged to speak to the authorities. They finally agreed to let us out of the airport. The flight to India seemed to take forever. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t as I failed to switch off the TV screen. I hope to travel again soon.
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  1. My students always confuse verbs that are used with to infinitive and -ing form. Is there a simple method to remember them all easily?