Negative questions

This is how negative questions are formed:-

Are you from Vietnam? X Aren’t you from Vietnam?
Do you work in an office? X Don’t you work in an office?
Did she go to the party? X Didn’t she go to the party?
Is that your mobile phone? X Isn’t that your mobile phone?
Have you seen my bag? X Haven’t you seen my bag?
Will you help us? X Won’t you help us?
Would you like some water? X Wouldn’t you like some water?
Was the food good? X Wasn’t the food good?
Can he come on time? X Can’t he come on time?
They like cats. X Don’t they like cats?
That was a great film. X Wasn’t that a great film?
He has been to Vietnam. X Hasn’t he been to Vietnam?
I paid by credit card. X Didn’t I pay by credit card?

Negative questions are used to show:-
surprise e.g. Aren’t you supposed to be at work now?
anger e.g. Why didn’t you call me?
Uncertainty e.g. Isn’t her name Pam?
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