Relative Pronouns (who, that, which, whose, where)

Who/that refers to people.
e.g. I really like the actor who/that stars in that film.

That/which refers to things or animals.
e.g. Isn’t that the cat that/which we saw yesterday?
e.g. The computer that/which is on the desk is mine.

Whose is when something belongs to someone, a country, an organization.
e.g. I have a friend whose dog is called Lassie.
e.g. Vietnam whose population is over 86 million is located in Southeast Asia.
e.g. The UN is an international organization whose headquarters are in New York.

Where refers to a place where an action takes place.
e.g. Can you show me the street where you were raised?
e.g. That’s the house where the party was held.
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